Breaking Through in Palestine

Why women and youth are leading the way in the Palestinian Territories

The workshop was opened by the Deputy Minister of Labour for the Palestinian Authority Dr Samer Salamah
Young trade unionists are changing the narrative and breaking through for Palestinian finance workers.
Al-Amaari Camp houses over 10,377 refugees according to UNRWA.
Residents of the Al-Amaari refugee camp, which has stood since 1948.
Tahreer Kamal has been a part of the union for a year and is already starting to see some improvements at work.
Wa’el Elbuss is a manager at insurance company Al-Mashreq and has been an active union member for 4 years.
Alaa’ Khadeijeh works as a teller at the Jordanian Commercial bank in Tulkarm and has been part of the union for a year.
Hannadi Tahhan works for Al-Mashreq insurance company and believes NTUBI is setting the right path for the future.
Some participants were getting their first taste of trade union activism.
Workshop participants were confident that they can go out and organise more workers in Palestine.



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